PEEC Partnerships

Partnership Opportunities

Our list of partners with this effort continues to grow and we welcome you to join our growing network.

By partnering with PEEC, not only will you helping to support the candidates who go through the program, but you will have the opportunity to highlight your organization in the process.

Ways in which you and your organization might partner with PEEC include:

  • Discounted cost of meeting and lodging space for PEEC workshops
  • Funding support for workshop and overall PEEC program supplies
  • Discounted rates for PEEC participants who register to attend one of your organization’s programs (as part of their elective requirements)
  • Serve on our PEEC Steering Committee
  • Sponsor or send a candidate to participate in the PEEC program
  • Promote PEEC within your organization
  • Many, many others!
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Becoming Part of the EE Network

Networking among other people in the EE field is one of the perks of being part of the PEEC program.

Consider joining one or more of the following EE professional organizations to meet other people in your field (links open in a new window):

Environmental Education Association of South Carolina

Environmental Education in South Carolina

South Carolina Marine Educators Association

North American Association of Environmental Education

National Marine Educators Association